Tom Hiddleston does Live Below The Line

Tom Hiddleston shares his final meal, perhaps something potato-based, on day 5 of the Live Below The Line challenge for UNICEF UK.

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  • Kristi A. Grinde

    Dear Mr. Hiddleston,

    I am writing to you because I recently saw this short video that you did back in April and it struck a chord with me and has inspired an idea that I wanted to reach out to you about, if you have the time.

    I have been to many regions in the world where everyone, children and adults alike, are undernourished and malnourished and have left such places not knowing what I could really do to counter the situation. Balance that with life getting in the way, as it does, and I hadn’t done anything about my feelings for years.

    Now, however, I am in a position that wherein I might actually be able to affect change, and I wanted to reach and see if you might be willing to help me. My idea is just in ideation stage right now, but perhaps with your experience working with UNICEF and your knowledge, you could partner with me and help me to bring this idea to fruition.

    I know work for Thomson Reuters, a global organization with offices and colleagues all over the world. The company as a whole is very encouraging of volunteer projects, even allowing for a few paid days each year to participate in volunteer activities. However, I believe that there is room for more. Here in the US, we haven’t really done anything like the “Live Below the Line” project about which you made this video. What if TR and UNICEF could partner together to get our employees, families and friends to participate in a week like that here in the US and across the world? And then donate the money that we would have spent on food to UNICEF?

    This would, I understand, take a lot of planning, but perhaps, since your next film is being released in November, there might be time to plan something to coordinate with that date, so that there is maximum awareness? It would also come at an ideal time here in the US, as it would be a good reminder, before our “Thanksgiving” for us to be truly thankful and remember those that are not in our positions.

    I realize that you are incredibly busy and have many commitments, but on the off-chance that you see this message and that you are interested, I would very much like to see what we could do. Part of my being is to find meaning in this world, and affecting change like this – when I have seen the results of what happens when children and adults alike do not have adequate food – would help me bring meaning to my life, and perhaps together we can help bring meaning to many more, both on the giving and the receiving end of help.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message (I hope) and I very much hope to hear from you!

    All the best and thank you for your passion and your contribution!
    Kristi A. Grinde

  • Allison Rodriguez

    I love the humanity and philanthropy his heart possesses. Mr. Hiddleston, If you ever read this, I love you and all the things you do to help better the world. Thank you for everything!