No Place Like Home: Watch the film

In this short film, Ewan McGregor, Michael Sheen, Tom Hiddleston, Emma Bunton, Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah join Unicef UK in support of our Syria Winter Appeal for the children of Syria.

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Right now close to six million Syrian children, including more than one million refugees, are in urgent need of aid. They’re living in desperate conditions and face a bitter few months ahead, when temperatures can fall as low as minus six degrees Celsius. This past January brought the coldest temperatures in more than a decade and Unicef is very concerned that exposure to these cold and wet conditions could be deadly.

Unicef is working around the clock in Syria and the surrounding countries to provide children with warm blankets, clothing and medical care. But our resources are at breaking point. We desperately need more funding to ensure that we can reach every child in the region that needs us.

About the film

We spoke to Ewan, Rita and Michael about their work on the video:

Ewan McGregor: My heart truly goes out to the millions of Syrian children who have lost everything: their families, friends and homes. Facing a third year in a freezing cold camp is no place anyone should call home, let alone a child. I worry that the world is starting to shut its eyes to the Syrian crisis.

Rita Ora: When filming the video I kept thinking of Pristina, my home town in Kosovo. The city has seen its fair share of trouble but thankfully that’s over. Right now though, children in Syria are suffering unspeakable violence, often fleeing their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. Your donation could help Unicef buy life-saving winter essentials to help bring children in from the cold.

Michael Sheen: Last month I travelled to Lebanon with Unicef and met Syrian children struggling to cope in desperate circumstances.  As the bitter winter closes in, they are being pushed to the edge of their physical and psychological endurance.  No child should be living like this. Unicef is working to bring children in from the cold this winter, providing basics like warm clothes and blankets as well as working long term to get children back into school so they can rebuild their lives.

Text WARM to 70111 to donate £3 to Unicef UK’s Syria Winter Appeal, or you can also donate by credit card. Thank you.


23 responses to “No Place Like Home: Watch the film”

  1. Moňuli Klimentová says:

    The world has all those children in need. So why not get it? The innocent children should not know what is hunger or killer disease..

  2. Kasandra O'Melly says:

    It so painfully to see it. People, let’s help them, please!

  3. Petra Havířová says:

    Please, tell me, If I can donate through SMS, If I´m not from USA? I can´t donate through credit card, because I haven´t right account or PayPal, but I realy want to help. I´m teacher and I mean, that every children deserve have home! Thanks for answer and thanks for this video!!!

    • Bitto says:

      One private organization in US that I know of and trust for their sincerity is ISlamic Relief. They are the only ones allowed to even go to Israel at a time when even red cross is not allowed. You can research on them if you like, You can mail them a check and our donation is tax deductible.

    • Jumana Lipa says:

      For one, nearly every country has its own UNICEF site. And the same programs. This is as well a British not American site so not a problem with the money i guess.

  4. Lumen Cyan says:

    Our world Leaders are spending Billions of dollars on sending troops to Syria to destroy life, instead of providing aid to the innocent. They send missionaries with supplies to convert the victims to Christianity in the guise of “The Benevolence Of The Church.” What an utter waste of resources. What an incredible disservice to our potential. The whole system is corrupted, folks. Nothing is going to change if we let them do this. We are sick of the tyranny, it’s time to fight back. Laces Out.

    • Made You Look says:

      I agree. Funds are being misappropriated
      all the time when it comes to foreign aid. It’s shameful and inhumane.
      They target the hearts of the middle class to donate money they don’t
      have, meanwhile the rich corporations and governments look on instead of ending it. They have the power to do so, but their avarice comes before human life. Ewan McGregor, Tom Hiddleston, Emma Bunton, Michael Sheen and Rita Ora, your hearts are in the right place, keep shining. Revolution.

    • Lumen Cyan says:

      And regarding Mister Ewan McGregor’s comment: “I worry that the world is
      starting to shut its eyes to the Syrian crisis.” It’s not. Corporate
      Media is downplaying it, yes, but many of us are raising awareness on
      this delicate subject. The media hasn’t been entirely truthful as to
      what’s going on over in Syria, so we are doing our best to inform as
      many as we can. The lies have to be exposed, we owe it to our young…
      across nations, across culture, all over the world. I won’t shut my eyes
      to these infants, they are our future. Even though our world leaders
      lack empathy, I have faith in humanity’s ability to care for one
      another. You know who you are. I may not know you, but I love you.

      • Shuyin says:

        The United Fakes’ “Heroes” are their terrorists. Nobody on mainstream media talks about Obama’s drone attacks on these people. Him and his “allies” are the ones killing these children. Fact.

  5. Mary Matias says:

    Ever since Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) had hit the Philippines– my country, my homeland– I felt so devastated that a terrible thing like that would happen and would destroy so many lives. I tried helping out, thinking of what I can do. That’s why during my birthday, I flew a kite that gives them hope to rebuild the things that were lost. It’s the least thing I could do… So I also started praying for them….helping them….donating….then pray for them….
    Now, I admit it, my prayers for Syria left uncovered, due to Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and my prayers were on the people and children. But now, I realized how devastating it is in Syria…how many children had LOST a lot…their family…their childhood…their homes…their LIVES…
    I know that there’s so much work to do…so it’s time to start now…act now…MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
    We are all born equally and blessed with gifts coming from above. So let’s make our lives worth living by helping the less-fortunate live as well…
    …I mean, that’s why we were given the chance to live…after all…

  6. Magdalena says:

    🙁 …… <3

  7. Basel Jabri says:


  8. Firas Rajab says:

    Watching this, kind of brought my faith in humanity back… as a Syrian who had to run from the country and was lucky enough to live a great life compared to these children, it’s soul crushing, every time I look into my niece’s eyes I just choke! because with what little we are doing now we are only creating a whole generation of broken human beings, potential criminals, terrorists …. ” put a human in an inhumane environment , in time he will lose his humanity ”
    and it’s winter now, just 2 days a go a blizzard hit the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, 23 children died in one of the camps in Jordan … if this is not a good enough reason to act, I do not know what is !

  9. Nino Rami says:

    What about the Syrian refugees who came to Lebanon? Syrian and Palestinians living in horrible conditions? And now with Alexa storm they will freeze to die. No film for those? no donations?

    • shaki-lan says:

      I am not sure if you read the last part that their collecting money to help people in the REGION including Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Please read before you comment. “We desperately need more funding to ensure that we can reach every child in the region that needs us.”

    • pauline says:

      Get real, UNICEF makes appeals for all children . How much did you donate??

  10. abeer says:

    all the world are partner in our tragedy we don’t want your dirty money we want to solve our problem we want to every one return back his home and live in peace, all the world gathered against Syrian people,

  11. Reem says:

    i”m trying to donate by credit card but it keeps directing me to an account number and my account number is not accepted…kindly let me know how can i finish the process

  12. Alison Gomez-Russell says:

    Christ would himself be weeping over the situation in Syria don’t you realise this? From a very concerned and compassionate Christian.

  13. Sarah Heline says:

    To everyone who cares about humanity..Meanwhile your enjoying a hot cup of tea or making a snowman take a minute to think of the Syrian refugees…..How many children will cry today beacause of cold.. hunger.. fear….A harsh winter weather. . A harsh life..Words fail them, they became
    meaningless..Those poor children have
    suffered more than enough …….They deserve to be happy and save like all the children in the world!

  14. Coker Dare Idowu says:

    Can someone send me a link on how to help the Syrians from Nigeria via credit card.thanks

  15. Coker Dare Idowu says:

    Destruction is certain for you who buy up property so others have no place to live.Your home are built on great estates so you can be alone in the land..But the Lord Almighty has sealed your awful fate.with my own ears I heard him say,”Many beautiful homes will stand deserted,the owners dead or gone.

  16. أسامة القاضي says:

    It was the allies from Russia, China, USA, Iran, UK and France under the UN protection who pushed Syria and its Sunni Muslim populations to death, starvations and drove them out of their homes! Moreover, presently these same countries made it a crime for any “Muslim” to try to help the Syrian people or send them money! So what is it exactly you are collecting money for? Remember it was also the USA who planted ISIS in Syria and Iraq to cause the present mayhem! Please pull your mercenaries and thugs out of Syria, stop supporting and arming the Assad Shias, let the Muslim Syrians free their country, better than causing the catastrophe and than dropping bottled water from your helicopters to justify collecting more money!

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