Why we’ve launched the Children in Danger campaign

/ Violence, 21 October 2014

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Many children are too frightened to tell anyone what has happened to them or have no-one whom they think it is safe to turn to.

Right now, millions of children are in danger. They’re facing violence, disease, hunger, and the chaos of war and disaster. Yet together, we have the power to change this.

That’s why Unicef UK has launched a new campaign to protect children in danger.

The campaign will help us raise even more money for children, advocate for children’s rights at the highest level, and reach new audiences by communicating our work for children in a much more powerful way.

Unicef ensures more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. We’ve done more to influence laws, policies and customs to help protect children than anyone else. We get things done. And we’re not going to stop until the world is a safe place for all our children.

Through the campaign, we aim to raise hundreds of millions of pounds to keep more children safe. We’ll also send clear messages to our leaders to ensure they deliver on their responsibilities for children.

But we can’t do any of this without your help. We’re asking you to join us and help us to be there for every child in danger. We need you to give your voice, your time and your money.

That will put us well on the way to our ultimate goals, which are to:

  • Put an end to violence against children and ensure every child can grow up in a world without fear
  • Put an end to preventable disease and the tragic, unnecessary deaths it causes
  • Put an end to hunger and ensure every child gets the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and strong
  • Ensure that children get the help they need to stay safe and strong when disaster and conflict strike.

We’ll do whatever it takes until every child is safe. Will you help us?

Sign our petition to end violence against children for good, and spread the word with our supporter toolkit. Thank you.


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